The HappyMedic wants to know… I shall divulge

Apparently there is some blogging chain going on… and our very own HappyMedic, Justin Schorr, tagged me in his post.

Apparently, HM wants to know what I read in the “office” aka on the Pooper. Here’s the thrilling list:

  • Breaking Dawn (yes, the Twilight saga)
  • EMS Magazine (the one that Nancy Perry gave me in Los Angeles!)
  • Everyone Poops (because my sister has kids and they love this book)
  • Brave New World (one of my favorite novels)
  • The Last 4 issues of Cosmo (my guilty pleasure)

and of course I have a digital connect four game for when I tire of reading (which is rare).

Now that you know WAY too much about me, I will pry into some others’ lives! I tag thee:


Greg Friese



Steve Whitehead

now: time for you guys to tag away and spill the beans!

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