San Francisco Journeys Day 2

Well, I am sitting on my hotel bed, getting ready to go out to dinner with Chris Kaiser, Chris Montera, and their spouses. It has been a long day here in San Francisco. I will catch you up on everything that happened.

So, I flew into SFO yesterday at 10:40am/Pacific time and was picked up by the strapping Jeremiah Bush (who said that chivalry was dead? pshht!) where he drove me to the beautiful Hotel Frank. I quickly freshened up and met with Kaiser, his wife Gina, Greg, and Jer for a quick lunch nearby. We talked about EMS and the changes that we’d like to see, as most conversations tend to steer towards when you’re with this many passionate people! Great food, great conversation, I couldn’t complain! Kaiser and I walked to Kinko’s and printed some business cards for the meet-up and premiere. Then it was time to get all dolled up for the evening!

The time came for the premiere- and I was blown away. Not only by the footage of Chronicles of EMS, but by the networking happening in that room! Everyone was united under the common cause: to change EMS for the better! I stood arm and arm with THE EDITOR of JEMS magazine, A.J. Heightman, and also with fellow medics that I had talked to for months and months online! I must say, meeting Justin and Mark was simply amazing! Also, meeting another young medic that shares a lot of the same ideas as I do was refreshing as well… Mr. Jeramedic took the cake on that one!

All in all, the premiere and the meet up was a success! I went to dinner with Dr. Wesley, Montera, Sam Bradley, Gina and Chris Kaiser, Jeremiah, and Greg- where once again, interesting debates were sparked! Being with all of these people in the same room for once was so incredible! The thoughts and ideas were bouncing off of the walls! Sharing dinner and drinks with that crew was a hoot, for sure.

Then I had the best sleep in my life.

I woke up early a little sad to see some friends leaving the city so soon- but I was off to film “A Seat at the Table” which is another part of Chronicles of EMS. I had the pleasure of doing 2 episodes with Mark, Justin, Sam, Jim, and Kaiser. I was the baby, but I think I held my own. Like I’ve said before, when people THIS passionate about our field get together, the possibilities are truly endless.

Now, I am getting ready to head out to dinner with the group again, for what I’m sure will be another night of great conversation, drinks, and all around good times!

Until next post, lovies!

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