Making Thunder vs Stealing it…

As of late, I’ve had more and more contact with one of my heroes, Steve Whitehead of The EMT Spot. He’s an amazing supporter of  GenMed and is constantly encouraging all that I do. What he told me and Jeremiah via e-mail rant struck a chord with me.

“You’re not stealing anyone’s thunder. You’re making thunder. I like the
way it sounds.”

For so long I’ve felt like I had to tiptoe my way in with all of these well established professionals. I came on scene just a few months ago with guns blazing, running my Southern mouth as usual. People started noticing, projects started shaping, and I am where I am today. I host a super cool podcast, I write a fun blog, I have a fun time on Twitter… and people listen, read, and watch for some odd reason. Ok, maybe not odd. I am a unique person, I get that… but the fact is, I never felt like I was making great strides until Steve said that to me. A professional whom I look up to so incredibly much *listens* to my show. Not just as background noise, he listened and gave me feedback.

What now? People are listening… I’m not just yelling into an empty room with my co-hosts. People can hear the shouting. They take part in the screaming. Can I live up to their expectations?

Yes. I know I am just this small town girl, but I believe in myself and my colleagues above all things. We can be the change. No, not *be* the change… we ARE the change right now. Not in a year, not in 3 years, not next decade, we are shaping EMS as we speak!

To my young readers: Don’t wait to be involved! Jump in now! This EMS 2.0 movement isn’t just for the generation above us, it’s ours, too. If anything, we should feel the NEED to be a part of it. We aren’t too young for a say in things, we’re still very much a large percentage of the active EMS population. Make thunder, don’t just steal it… because that truly is music to our ears!

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