Abandoned? Yes. Forgotten? Nope!

Well hello, strangers!

I am TERRIBLY sorry for not keeping everyone updated on my life. I guess I don’t feel like much of a paramedic these days… being that I haven’t touched a stretcher since the end of November!!!! There are several things that I want to say about my future.

I haven’t abandoned all things medical. I still research and read blogs galore! I still talk about disease processes and protocols with Mav most every night- it’s true nerd love. But the thing is, it hurts for me to think about the career that I adored so much and know that it may be ending sooner than I imagined. 

Yes. You heard it here first. Mav and I are seriously talking about me being a stay at home mom for a bit and then returning to school like I’ve always dreamed of. We feel that with him offshore now as a remote paramedic, it would be nice if I spent more time with the baby and at home than working constantly. I also feel like I should step back and explain something. I trust my partners with all of me, and I trust my own intuition. I DO NOT trust the people that we pick up, though. I’ve had some rough calls and I was even pushed down by a psych patient when I was 6 weeks pregnant. It really made me want to reevaluate where I’m going in life and what is important to our family. I want a healthy baby, a healthy daddy, and a healthy me. I want to be there to see our child grow up and I want Mav there as well. That being said, I feel safer in a more stable environment.

I know. There are so many of you parents that still work. I admire that. Maybe it’s a first time mom thing, and I’ll be less cautious eventually but at the moment, I feel this is what is best. For now I think I’m hanging up my street pants and embracing my maternity jeans. That being said… I guess it’s time for mommy-ish updates!

First off, Mav proposed on January 22nd!! He and I set our wedding date for November 2, 2012. Yes! That is the day that EMS Expo ends in New Orleans. We are extending all of our EMS friends attending Expo to drop me a message on Facebook or Twitter if they want to attend the wedding. It is a 2 and a half hour drive from New Orleans. There will be some renting cars, etc and I will help set up car pools and give you good bedding information. There will be a full dinner following, as well… so FREE FOOD. There will also be kegs and wine as well that’s free so… you know… I’m probably saying all of the right things right now😉

On the baby front- on January 26th we found out that we have a baby BOY! This was at an elective ultrasound, though, so we are holding off painting and such until April 9th when we get my 27w anatomy scan. I’m pretty sure he is all boy, though. That being said, we also have a name picked out. 

Sawyer Finnley Cavender is still expected to enter this world on July 9, 2012. He apparently (according to the u/s tech) has huge hands and feet and loves to kick me in the right kidney. I think he’s imagining football already!! One can dream… I just grew a baby bump about a week ago, though it is still small for 24w (6 MONTHS!!!!!). Mav and are so excited and can’t wait to meet this little kicker. 

For now… I am still a medic. I will be keeping up my certs and doing a refresher this year. I am not giving up on EMS, but I am giving my family a chance to rank #1 in my hectic life for now. I hope all of you understand. This is a big year for me… engaged, expecting, and marriage all within a few months!! Though I have abandoned this blog as of late, I haven’t forgotten why it is that I started writing. In time, I feel like I will be able to share more when my mind isn’t full of pregnancy fuzz. (Which totally isn’t a myth. I literally forget the simplest things sometimes!)

Stay safe out there, my friends!

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  1. Hi,
    Congratulations on your baby! Engagement! I totally agree with you that if you can afford to be a stay at home mommy, that would be the best! The children grow up so fast and that is really a great bonding experience.
    Your priorities in life have changed for now – family first and the little one needs you. Day care does not offer all of the love that family does. You deserve this.
    I wish I could of stayed home with my kids but with twins, everything costs so much. You seem like such a caring and loving person who appreciates God and life, you will be a great mom.

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