EMS world expo- Second Greetings and brief silence

I am sitting in a nearly silent exhibit hall at EMS world expo in Vegas. Today is the first day that it is open to non exhibitors… And in roughly 36 minutes, I’ll hear my favorite sound of the conference. That is the sound when the doors open to the public, and the place becomes it’s own moving entity of excitement. Vendors are enticing waiting responders; medics, fire, and police are greeting each other and talking shop; podcasters are yapping (go figure); old friends are excitedly greeting each other; and the phenomenon of “The Second Greeting” is happening between the social media crowd. The Second Greeting is when I say, “Hi. I’m Natalie,” and normal conversational pleasantries follow. Then I mention my Twitter handle. THIS is when the second greeting explodes into hugs and screeches, vigorous handshakes, and the realization that you may have just met this person in real life for the first time, but you have known this person digitally for months or maybe years. I sit here in the Physio Control sponsored Social Media Lounge, anxiously awaiting my chance to “Second Greet” some new faces and to visit with the regulars!

More to come later!

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  1. one day you will get the second greathing saying hi im stephan then quebecmedic

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