The 12 Days of EMS Today: T-Minus 9 days

9 Days until EMS Today! (March 2-6 in Baltimore)

Today is my best friend’s birthday… I’m out celebrating with her! So I’m using the magic of the scheduled blog to make this post possible.

My goal today:

Plan a true MsP party!

Since I’m out of town and can’t really do much, I will be sketching out ideas in the old noggin to plan a MsP style party. At EMS Expo we had an impromptu Toga party in my room- and this is a tradition that I want to be kept at all conferences! There is nothing like socializing with your EMS people face to face… and in sheets! Comment here if you’d like to attend. It will be on the 2nd, after our Pub-Crawl meetup at the harbor in mine and Meris’ room. Togas are not necessary, but they are highly encouraged!

So, ladies and gents- BRING YOUR TOGAS to EMS Today (or grab your bed sheet! They change them daily, anyways)! Help us promote this get together, if you don’t mind. Encourage everyone to attend!

What else can you do? Help GenMed promote the Podcast Studio, attend the live shows on the show floor, stick around to get cool prizes (thanks to GenMediGras festivities), tweet/facebook during the conference, and come see GenMed live Saturday morning at 9:30. We promise that you won’t be disappointed!

In case you missed it:

T-Minus 10 days

T-Minus 11 days

T-Minus 12 days

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